Yoga is the control of the fluctuations of the mind
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Yoga with Alana at the beautiful El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa in Taos

 Join Alana in the Yoga Studio located in the lush landscapes and sacred grounds of El Monte Sagrado’s living waters. When the weather permits we can practice outside surrounded by waterfalls, ponds, and towering cottonwoods. This life-altering beautiful environment is ideal for practicing Yoga in Taos with stunning backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

The practice of Yoga quiets the mind and promotes inner peace. This class is open to beginners through advanced practitioners with a moderate pace, and modifications are provided to make the practice accessible to all levels. Emphasis is placed on mindfulness and breath control. This full body workout incorporates Yoga postures, breathing and meditation leaving you relaxed and at peace.

No previous experience is required. Taos Community and Visitors Welcome Only $10 drop in check in at front desk.

Nada Yoga

Yoga is an over 5000 year old practice to quiet the mind and invoke a state of peace. Yoga is a spiritual system with a physical component. Nada Yoga or “the union through sound” is a healing and rewarding practice. Nada Yoga philosophy is to use chanting to connect with the breath and focus the mind.

We use sound to deepen meditation practice through singing musical scales; Mantra Japa (repetitive chanting); or Kirtan (call and response singing). With sound as its base, Nada Yoga develops the state of Dharana or one-pointed focus. Chanting is a foundation for pranayama and meditation practices in Yoga.

Teaching Yoga and Training Yoga Teachers

Alana works one on one with clients interested in learning a variety of meditation, mindful movement, and deep breathing techniques to support relaxation and balance. For those just beginning to practice Yoga postures (asanas) or those who need to discover a new physical, breathing and meditative practice, Alana specializes in adapting for comfort and stability.

As founder of 365 Well Yoga Instructor School, Alana launched the RYT® 200 Hour Dhvani Yoga Teacher Training during the summer of 2017. In this unique 200 Hour Training we study from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and gain a well rounded overview of Yoga History. We also cover the most commonly used and safest basic asana/postures taught in Hatha Yoga classes, breathing practice and meditation. This training has a specific focus on Nada Yoga, using sound and music to aid in meditation.

Beginner Yoga Student Testimonial

Thanks Susan Carpenter Sims, Yoga Student and Entrepreneur for this testimonial video!
Susan is an environmentally and socially conscious entrepreneur. She has practiced Yoga for more than five years now. The 501(c)(3) Susan and her team have been developing will be more than laundromat! Cutting edge energy efficient machines that offer a super fast wash & dry, and a community garden that works with a sustainable water system, Beyond Laundry is also a community center!

200 Hour RYT® Dhvani Yoga Teacher Training Graduate Testimonial

Thanks Alana Lee for this awesome testimonial! Alana will be teaching advanced postures in upcoming workshops for the 200 Hour RYT® Dhvani Yoga Teacher Training in 2019. Check out her classes at High Frequency Loft. https://www.highfrequencyloft.com/

200 Hour RYT® Dhvani Yoga Teacher Training Taos, NM – 2019

The 200 Hour RYT® Dhvani Yoga Teacher Training takes place over 12 Weekend Workshops from January 12th through June 2nd, 2019 in Taos, New Mexico. This program offers a well rounded knowledge base for the Yoga practitioners and instructors to develop a life long practice. Join us for a weekend workshop for beginners or continuing education credits, or for the full 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training!

Tuning Fork Treatment

SWB 256 Tuning Forks

In this video I demonstrate the highlights of a sound healing treatment by tuning the chakras using SWB 256’s -Pythagorean set. Nada Yoga is using sound and music to aid in meditation. This is just one example of working with music to promote healing and balance.