Alana is a songwriter, vocalist, bass player and dancer…
With musical influences like Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone, Joan Armitrading, Nanci Griffith, Carlos Jobeem, Bill Whithers, James Taylor, Rickie Lee Jones, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley (to name a few), Alana has a rather eclectic sound.

Alana studied and performed ballet and music throughout her childhood. She traveled from Australia, to Europe and across the US. In her travels, she has learned many forms of dance. She wrote her first songs performing in Reggae bands at the age of 16 in Hawaii and on the mainland, opening up for bands like Alpha Blondie in the mid 80’s.

Alana writes her songs from a wealth of life experience that ranges from teenage homelessness and raising her five children as a single mother, to more common inspirations like falling in and out of love. “I’ve always seen songwriting as one of the most powerful ways to touch people and make a positive impact”.

After years of mothering, working, and surviving as an artist and wellness support specialist, she started her own label, Embraced In Grace. “I had to find a way to profit from my music career and have it work for my family. I wanted to get my songs out and support other artists like me, trying to make a positive impact through music.”

Instead of trying fit into the music industry mold, she decided to create a business structure in which she could have a successful career as an artist. She’s hoping to create a successful record label with a reputation for social responsibility, fairness with artists and family atmosphere, focussing on putting out music with a conscious message.

“We want to collaborate with non-profit organizations that are making the most effective impact in these areas with fund-raising concerts as well as giving 10% of profits earned towards local and global solutions both socially and ecologically”.

She released her new CD, Sweet Deal, produced by Santa Fe producer,Larry Mitchell, in October of 2010.